Alameda County Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Adult Needs and Strengths (ANSA) Initiative


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  • CANS Birth To 24 Years - Implementation Announcement
    A message brought to you by CANS Coordinator

    The 3rd edition of Alameda County's CANS shall integrate the Early Childhood Birth to 5 version, Child and Youth Ages 6-17 version and the Transitional Age Youth ages 18-24 into one. The new CANS Birth to 24 will be going live on July 6, 2020.

    The use of the old version of CANS including Early Childhood 0-5, CANS 2.0 Ages 6-17, and ANSA-T shall be discontinued on July 6th, 2020 with the exception of agencies where CANS data is embedded in their electronic health record shall make the changes by September 30, 2020.

    Click Here for more information.
  • CANS/ANSA Learner Needs Survey
    A message brought to you by CANS/ANSA Coordinator
    Hello Behavioral Health Providers and Partners,
    Alameda County Behavioral Health is conducting a CANS/ANSA-T/ANSA survey. The Alameda TCOM Collaborative would like to provide on-going training and supports to our CANS/ANSA-T/ANSA users. Please fill out the 10-15 minute survey. We appreciate your time for taking the survey which will help us provide trainings that will be most beneficial for you.
    Link to survey:
    Thank you very much for your participation.
  • Thank you for all the work you have put in to make the CANS/ANSA initiative a success! The next phase of the initiative will focus on building internal agency capacity in the implementation of the CANS/ANSA and using the Objective Arts system. To guide this process, we have put together the FAQs and Contacts.


3/10/17 – Transition Plans
We’ve reorganized the website in order to help you navigate through the various resource available. Please check out the tabs on the left, including the new “Manuals, Rating Sheets, & Policy” tab for translated rating sheets, 30 Day Notice CFE to ANSA 25+ Transition Memo, & recently approved Guidelines and Operational Standards for the CANS/ANSA Tools.

The ANSA General and Trainer Certification Trainings begin in September 2016. Before registering, please review the “FAQs for ANSA Training Sign Ups” and the “TIP Sheet County LMS Registration” for additional information.
CANS-ANSA Training Calendar (Fall 2016)
FAQs for ANSA Training Sign Ups
ANSA Training Announcement E-Flyer - Please distribute via email the ANSA Training Announcement E-Flyer with your staff. E-Flyer contains links to the training calendar, FAQS, and registration information.
TIP Sheet County LMS Registration

Follow-up from CANS Onboarding Clinic – 2/22/16
The CANS Provider Collaborative hosted their second CANS Onboarding Clinic for implementation coordinators on Monday, 2/22/16. Representatives from Objective Arts, BHCS Information Systems and Special Projects were available in-person for troubleshooting and technical assistance. Here’s the presentation that the Collaborative shared, entitled “A Roadmap to Onboarding CANS” and schematic diagram of CANS/ANSA Information Flow
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