Adolescent/Youth Treatment

Adolescent Treatment Resource Directory

A list of referral resources for the county’s adolescent substance use treatment programs located in community-based clinics and school sites.

Marijuana Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults
Despite the recent passage of Proposition 64 in California, marijuana possession and cultivation remains illegal for minors under the age of 18. In Alameda County, 80% of youth treated in our county substance use treatment programs report marijuana as their primary drug of choice. Below are some resources and informational materials on marijuana use among adolescents and young adults:

Youth Treatment Guidelines

All county-funded adolescent SUD treatment services must adhere to the State of California’s Adolescent Treatment Guidelines. These reflect overarching principles of SUD treatment that characterize the most effective approaches and interventions, and the philosophy of care for youth that recognizes their developmental and multiple needs, involves families, and assures youth safety.

NOTE: The State of California’s Youth Advisory Group is in the process of updating the Youth Treatment Guidelines, and would like your input. If you are interested in learning more, or attending a Youth Advisory Group meeting to provide input please visit the following web page for more information:

Notice of BHCS Technical Assistance for Implementation of Youth Treatment Guidelines

BHCS representatives from SUD Operations and Quality Assurance conduct program site visits to provide technical assistance that promotes high quality youth treatment services for uncertified SUD programs serving youth in Alameda County, and to ensure compliance with the standard of care articulated in the State of California’s Youth Treatment Guidelines (2002). Site visits began in late 2015 and will continue through 2016. For more information please consult the full notice.

For more information on adolescent youth treatment programs, please contact Substance Use Disorder System of Care Director Nathan Hobbs, LCSW at or call (510) 567-8127