Contracts Unit

Who Are We?


The goals of the Contracts Unit are to:

  • Be client-driven: providing support to operational staff in their program design and oversight responsibilities;
  • Consolidate and unify contracting functions, integrating program and fiscal staff;
  • Be timely, efficient and responsive to the needs of consumers and providers;
  • Use data to monitor and evaluate performance;
  • Value transparent, responsive communication among staff;
  • Promote consumer choice of provider and services; and
  • Have the flexibility to meet immediate and long-term needs.


The Contracts Unit is responsible for the following processes and products:
  • Procurement of services
  • Contract development and negotiations
    • Board letters
    • Contract renewals
    • Contract amendments
  • Contract monitoring
    • Monitoring performance data and program reports
    • Conduct site visits
  • Fiscal Management
    • Processing invoices
    • Tracking funds at reporting unit (RU) and purchase order (PO) level
    • Cost reports
    • Community based organization (CBO) budget modification and tracking
  • Development and management of Mental Health Plan Provider Network contracts

Contracts Unit Team  

Please contact us at 510-567-8296 for more information about the Contracts Unit Team and specific contract assignments.