Cultural Responsiveness

Cultural Responsiveness Overview

All services and programs at all levels should have the capacity to provide services that are responsive and sensitive to the target populations’ cultural diversity. Systems of care should: (1) Acknowledge and incorporate the importance of culture, the assessment of cross-cultural relations, vigilance towards dynamics resulting from cultural differences, the expansion of cultural knowledge, and the adaptation of services to meet culturally unique needs. (2) Recognize that culture implies an integrated pattern of human behavior, including language, thoughts, beliefs, communications, actions, customs, values, and other institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, spiritual, or social groups. (3) Promote congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies enabling the system, agencies, and mental health professionals to function effectively in cross-cultural institutions and communities.

California Brief Multicultural Competency Scale (CBMCS)

Mental Health Interpretation Training
Mental Health Interpretation Training

Alameda County Spirituality Initiative
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African American Utilization Report
African American Utilization Report

Cultural Competency Plan
Cultural Competency Plan Update 2022

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