CBOs Have Purchasing Power


Update: CBOs Have Purchasing Power
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The partnership between the County and its many contracted CBOs now allows for significant discounts based on cost saving from volume purchasing. In November 2005, the combined efforts of the Board of Supervisors, the Health Care Services Agency (HCSA), and the General Services Agency (GSA) introduced a new program encouraging contracted HCSA CBOs to use County contracts to purchase products at prices previously only available to County Departments.  The savings are significant and the contracts are very easy to use.

In late 2006 we expanded this program beyond HCSA to include all CBOs with County Contracts (Probation, the Social Services Agency, and the Community Development Agency).  As the program grows, additional cost saving opportunities are explored.  Check this webpage to see how your organization can participate and save both money and time. 

Currently We Offer the Following Opportunities  

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