Certification/Trainer Tools


For more resources, please visit http://www.senecacans.org/certification.html

To be certified in the CANS or ANSA, please visit www.CANSTraining.com and read tip sheet below
TIP Sheet: Registering for the CANS or ANSA for Alameda County providers
Tip Sheet: CANS/ANSA Certification Test Taking Tips

ANSA25+ Train-the-Trainer Tools
ANSA Practice Vignette “Randy”
ANSA Rating and Rationale “Randy”
ANSA SuperUser Training PowerPoint (April Fernando, Oct 2016)
ANSA “101” (3 hour) PowerPoint

TCOM Training Tools
TCOM 101 Training for Agency Leaders

Pre-Certification Training Workshop Materials
CANS 101 Pre-Certification PowerPoint
How To Navigate the CANS Training Website
Tip Sheet: Certification 101
Tip Sheet: Training the Trainers
ANSA-T Pre-certification Vignette “Patricia”
CANS 0-5 Pre-certification Vignette “Morgan”
CANS 6-17 Pre-certification Vignette “Kim”
CANS Train-the-Trainer Workshop Materials
Practice Vignette #1 “Mike” & Test Vignette #4 “Suzi”
Test Case Vignette # 2 “Lawrence”
Treatment Planning Template
Article - Knowledge Creation through Total Clinical Outcomes Management: A Practice-Based Evidence Solution to Address Some of the Challenges of Knowledge Translation. John Lyons, PhD

TCOM Trainer Resources
TCOM Needs and Strengths
TCOM Training Tips