Alameda County Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Adult Needs and Strengths (ANSA) Initiative


Thank you for all the work you have put in to make the CANS/ANSA initiative a success!

The next phase of the initiative will focus on building internal agency capacity in the implementation of the CANS/ANSA and using the Objective Arts system. To guide this process, we have put together this FAQs and contact sheet.

As a refresher, please review the OA Administrators Guide, resources on the Provider Website, helpful videos, and read the FAQs below:

  1. Why can’t I create an assessment in Objective Arts?
    There can be multiple reasons you may not be able to create an assessment in OA. System administrators must review the following before contacting ACBH staff:
    • Missing/Expired/Invalid Certification – Check to see that certification is “Valid.”
    • Missing placement (RU) – Check to see that the appropriate Placement (RU) has been selected or added.
    • Client episode is closed – Create a “temporary open” -- In Administer Clients > find your client>open their profile> check their Placements for your episode> check the box for ‘Temp Open’. This will allow for three days to enter assessments.
    • profile is missing Insyst Staff ID number in the External (GU)ID field. – Ask user to go to to edit profile and add their Insyst ID number in the External (GU)ID field
    • RU may not be tagged as a CANS/ANSA RU – Follow up with IS to confirm whether the CANS or ANSA is required.
    Remember: It will take at least overnight for any of these changes to transfer over to Objective Arts. In other words, due to this delay, users will have to wait at least overnight to create assessments.
  2. If I’m a clinician, who should I contact with my questions?
    Every agency has at least two assigned staff persons who acts as the Objective Arts System Administrators or CANS/ANSA Implementation Lead. Clinicians should direct any technology or clinical questions to these staff persons. If you don’t know who it is, please ask your manager or supervisors. This person is often an IT or QA person. System administrators can also activate new staff accounts.
  3. If I’m the Implementation Coordinator or System Administrator for my agency, who should I contact if I can’t find my answer?
    First step is to review resources such as this FAQ sheet, OA Administrator’s Guide, and all the tips sheets on the Provider Website BEFORE contacting the individuals listed on the “Contact Sheet for System Administrators.” We welcome your questions and also want to train System Administrators up to be able to readily answer questions from your staff.
  4. I passed my certification test and OA still tells me that I can’t create an assessment.
    System Administrators must check your OA profile to see if your certification transferred over. If not, users must check profile in and verify jurisdiction chosen is California-Alameda County and that your External GUID is your Insyst Staff ID Number. Make sure not to enter a leading “0” on your Staff ID Number. No Staff ID Number starts with “0” and this will cause certification to not transfer.
  5. I need information on how to have my clerks enter data.
    Any user of Objective Arts will need an Insyst ID Number. This included program directors, managers, and clerks. Once clerk has an ID number, System Administrators must update their profile by checking box “Does not need certification,” Assign Role of “Clerical Staff,” and hit save. When starting an assessment make sure to change the assessment date. Currently you can enter an assessment up to 180 days old.
  6. If I’m certified in 1 tool, am I certified in all of the versions? If I’m already certified, do I need to re-take the test every year?
    If you are certified in one version, then you are certified in ALL versions (CANS 0-5, CANS 6-17, ANSA –T, ANSA 25+). Certifications are valid for 1 year. You are encouraged to take the test BEFORE your certifications expires. If your certification expires, you will NOT be able to create an assessment in Objective Arts.
  7. I need to be CANS/ANSA certified, where do I go to do that?
    You must take the certification on (This site includes ANSA certification). Please review this TIP Sheet on how to register. Important Reminder: If you do not enter your Insyst Staff ID# in the “External ID” field, you will not be able to create an assessment in Objective Arts. Please review the tip sheet thoroughly.
  8. What should I do if one of my staff is leaving my agency and my new hire is already certified in the CANS/ANSA?
    Please review this tip sheet on how to update staff profiles when staff leave your agency and if your new hire is already certified.
  9. Where can I get the manuals and rating sheets in English and the County’s threshold languages?
    The manuals are in English only and the rating sheets have been translated in the county’s threshold languages. Please visit the Provider website to access these documents which are downloadable in MS Word.
  10. I need to train my staff on using Objective Arts, are there any tutorials?
    Yes, Objective Arts has YouTube Channel with links that help users learn how to create an assessment. You can also check out this video and tip sheet for training purposes.
  11. What is my login again? I forgot my password.
    Your Login will always be your Insyst Staff ID Number. If you have forgotten your password please first try the “forgot password link” on the login screen at If you do not receive an email to reset your password contact your System Administrator to reset it.
  12. I don’t understand the reports function, I need help.
    There are plans in the near future to provide more detailed training to System Administrators and other agency lead staff on how to run and understand reports in Objective Arts. These will be announced as soon as possible.
  13. My staff are having trouble passing the certification test, any tips on how to help them get the 0.70 needed to pass?
    Please ask your staff to take the practice exams and review their mistakes before taking the final exam. Only the final exam score will count. Also, pass on this tip sheet for test taking tips. If you fail three times, you may be locked out of the system and must contact Lauren Schmidt, before taking another final exam. Lauren can also provide assistance.
  14. I’m not sure if the CANS or ANSA is required for this RU. I also have policy questions about documentation, training, etc.
    Please review the Guidelines and Operational Standards for CANS/ANSA Tools within the Mental Health System of Care.
  15. I’m the designated trainer at my agency. Where can I get resources on how to train my staff?
    Check out this “Certification/Trainer Tools” page on the Provider Website with resources, PowerPoints, and sample vignettes that will assist in your training.