Criminal Justice-Related Initiatives

  • Drug Abuse and Addiction at the Root of 21% of Crimes
    A new Bureau of Justice report has revealed new findings surrounding drug use and incarceration. There are 1 million drug related arrests each year and only a quarter of those who disclose drug dependencies receive treatment. Crimes that are committed for the sole purpose of obtaining drugs, or money for drugs, represent 21% of sentenced people in state prisons and local jail populations. Substance use and dependence are more of a public health issue than a criminal justice issue. To read the entire article, click here
  • Our Strategic Direction
    All people who have had contact with the criminal justice system living in Alameda County will live a healthy, safe, and productive life with positive support systems. Through policies and practices, the re-entry system will build healthy, safer communities and strengthen families by implementing a seamless system of services and supports through effective communication and coordination of public and private resources that impact and reduce recidivism.

    To learn more about Alameda County’s Strategic Reentry Plan

    Alameda County BHCS's Substance Use Disorder System of Care provides an extensive continuum of substance use disorder services. There are multiple levels of care, many of which offer gender- and age-specific programs and/or programs for young children. The system includes Sobering Centers, Residential Treatment, Recovery Residences (Sober Living Environments), Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment and Narcotic Treatment and Screening.
  • Our Path to Success
    Each year we examine the following questions to determine our success and measure continuous quality improvement: How much did we do, well are doing and are our clients better off. For annual reports go here: AB – 109 Report
  • News, Innovations and Other Useful Tool
    Here we post information on events, models of excellence, growing trends, trainings and other resources that could be helpful for providers and the community.

    Upcoming Events:

    Alameda County DUI Program Driving Under the Influence Program - Directory of Service Providers

    MADD-Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
    The 8/1/2016 was the start date for requiring the MADD-Victim Impact Panel (VIP) MADD-VIP requirement is for the 3, 6, 9 and 18-month participants only. This is not a requirement for the wet & reckless participants. MADD
  • Proposition 47 raises questions about court-ordered substance use treatment
    The recent passage of Proposition 47 lowers the crime of most drug possessions from felony to misdemeanor. Drug Courts can no longer offer a reduction of charges from felony to misdemeanor in return for completion of a course of substance use disorder treatment. This unintended consequence is generating considerable discussion among the courts, district attorneys, public defenders and behavioral health care services about creative new incentives for drug offenders to complete substance use disorder treatment. Please click here for a document summarizing many of the issues.