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Trainings and Events

  • Co-Occurring Disorders (CODs) in Addiction
    A 3 Part Workshop Series for Alameda SUD Providers presented by Rob Lee MD of Alameda BHCS
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  • Dear SUD-related county staff and CBO providers,

    The landmark Drug Medi-Cal Waiver was just approved by the federal Centers for Medicare and MediCaid Services. The formulation of the waiver design was an extensive effort that involved federal, state and county government agencies, providers and many stakeholder groups. Please see the attached announcement that just came from the state DHCS. The Bay Area counties are designated as the first to develop their opt-in implementation plans. Alameda County BHCS will now be intensifying our ongoing work with you to prepare our own Implementation Plan, and apply to DHCS and CMS for its review and approval.
    DMC–ODS Waiver Approval DHCS Information Notice
    DMC-ODS Waiver Approval Letter from CMS Notice