Alameda County Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Adult Needs and Strengths (ANSA) Initiative


Objective Arts (OA) Resources

Helpful Links
For creating assessments, running reports, and managing staff accounts, go to the “live” Objective Arts site (or OA Production),
For training purposes, use Objective Arts Training site (or OA Training),
To be certified in the CANS or ANSA, go to

Helpful Videos
CANS ANSA Resources on BHCS Provider Website
How To Create ANSA In Objective Arts
How To Register, Edit Profiles On CANS
How To Update Staff Proiles In Objective Arts
Orientation To QA Full Webinar
CANS-ANSA Collaborative Information & Q&A

OA Manuals & Tip Sheets
OA Administrator’s Guide - Quick Reference with Alameda County Specifics
OA Training Manual – Administration
OA Training Manual - Clinical and Clerical Staff
Systems Administrator TIP SHEET: New Hires, Transfers & Terminations - This is a quick reference guide to set up new hires, transfers, and terminations of staff.
Clinician User Guide TIP SHEET - This is a quick reference guide on how to create CANS/ANSA assessments. Also includes helpful hints about navigating Objective Arts.”
Objective Arts Key Reports Data Manual - The Objective Arts Key Reports Data Manual will give you specific directions on how to pull the reports from Objective Arts. These include: Reminder Tickler Report, Caseload Progress, Item Impact Report and Domain Impact Report.
Objective Arts Key Reports Data Manual Power Point Slides - Objective Arts Key Reports User Manual Power Point Slides from Training on 9/18/19 and 9/19/19.

Onboarding Resources
CSV Upload Formats - CANS Birth To 24
CSV Upload Formats
OA Readiness Checklist
OA Staff User Spreadsheet
OA SMR BHCS Roles and Permissions
Professional Suffix Help File
OA Video Links
OA CANS/ANSA Readiness Attestation. The OA-SMR CANS/ANSA Readiness Attestation form is used to certify that your organization has completed the readiness tasks and is prepared to use the OA-SMR application for CANS/ANSA data entry and monitoring. You must first log into the BHCS web portal by clicking on the link. Then access the CANS/ANSA Attestation form from the BHCS E-Forms Page

Objective Arts (OA) System Administrator Training Schedule