Alameda County Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Adult Needs and Strengths (ANSA) Initiative


CANS/ANSA Objective Arts and Clinical Support
Contact Sheet for System Administrators

Important Note: We ask that ONLY System Administrators and/or Implementation Coordinators (the CANS/ANSA “Lead” staff person in your agency) contact the following staff. BHCS staff will re-direct clinicians and clinical supervisors to their own agency’s System Administrators and Implementation Coordinators for troubleshooting.

BHCS Information Systems – IS Help Desk: 510 567-8181
Objective Arts Technology related:

  • User Login/Passwords
  • Updating & Activating Staff Accounts, Placements (RUs), Roles
  • Temporary Opening of Clients in OA
  • Clerks Entering Data
  • Why User Can’t Create an Assessment (certification not “valid,” wrong role)
  • OA “bugs” or “error messages” (this will be forwarded to OA tech staff if cannot be resolved)
  • Tickler Reports
  • Roles (including assigning Lead System Administrator), Placements/RU

“Activating” Insyst Staff ID Accounts
Accessing BHCS Portal to Attest
Registering on

Training of Staff – Please contact your Assigned Coach
Clinical Content of the CANS/ANSA
Client Engagement
Treatment Planning
Staff Training, Train-the Trainer resources
TCOM framework

Documentation/ QA questions – Amy Saucie, QA,
Policy & Procedures (is this RU required? required timelines, how to document, etc.)
General CANS/ANSA policy and operational questions – Lauren Schmidt,
Error Messages/Bugs on
Can’t find the exam I need to take
Locked out of system after failing final exams
Can’t remember my password or login on

How to Run & Read Reports

For BHCS county clinics, Clinic Manager/Supervisors should contact your System of Care Liaison first before contacting staff above:
CYASOC- Christine Mukai,
TAY - Christine Mukai,
Older Adult – Michael Kessler,
SUD Adolescents – Nathan Hobbs,,