CBOs Have Purchasing Power - Copier Rental


The County’s Contract with Konica-Minolta offers the most up-to-date new copiers through an inexpensive easy to use rental program.  You will never have to lease another copier, pay expensive maintenance or supply contracts, or live with outdated donated copiers.

Our Providers report savings of 50% using this rental program.  All maintenance and supply costs are included in your monthly rental rate.  If you are currently towards the end of a long-term copier lease, you may qualify for Konica-Minolta’s lease buy-out program.  Learn how your organization can participate in the County’s Copier Rental Program.

Contact Konica-Minolta: David Offerman at 510-865-7200 X 121 or dofferman@kmbs.konicaminolta.us

Contact David today and start saving time and money on your copier needs.

Check this webpage to learn about additional developments in the Copier Rental Program.