CBOs Have Purchasing Power - PG & E


We are currently in a pilot program with PG & E to explore potential utility cost savings for all our CBOs.  This Pilot Program began in April 2007 with 8 AOD Providers (a total of 22 locations) volunteering to be part of the start-up Energy Audit Project.  PG & E will visit each location to determine what energy savings and efficiencies are available at that site.  The Provider will receive a report of cost saving ideas and suggestions.

This is a free service and the CBO is under no obligation to implement the cost savings measures.  However, the purpose of the program is to save money on utility costs by reducing energy consumption and lowering expenses.  We hope the Energy Audits suggestions will be acted upon by each CBO.

Please take advantage of this new program as it expands to include additional CBOs.

Check this webpage to learn about additional developments in the PG & E Utility Cost Savings Program.