Training Overview

The Training Unit is part of Quality Improvement and focuses on increasing general and specific skills and competencies throughout the ACBHCS workforce by developing trainings that will strengthen and expand the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to work in roles across the system. Specifically, the Training Unit:

Identifies training priorities that increase performance capabilities and capacities to meet client, family, departmental, organizational and system needs;

Improves alignment of system-wide training activities to maximize individual and team learning, resources and desired outcomes;

Created and utilizes a training evaluation methodology that measures individual, team/program and organizational outcomes.

Core Content Areas

The Training Unit has identified four Core Content (Knowledge) Areas within which our training priorities are implemented:

ACBHCS System: Operations and System Supports, Financing and Management Development; this content area incorporates a number of key system departments and units that function both independently and interdependently.

System Change Initiatives: Creating a Wellness, Recovery and Resiliency Culture; this content area focuses on a number of strategically designed initiatives that have been developed through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and support system change. These initiatives currently include Co-Occurring Conditions (COC), Wellness, Recovery & Resiliency (WRR), Peer (both Consumers and Family Members) Employment and Cultural Competence.

Provider “Core” Training for Licensed/Non-Licensed Staff: This content area focuses on the “core competency” trainings that the system determines will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness for both licensed and non-licensed staff. This content area also includes specialized curriculum for physicians and other health care professionals for Continuing Medical Education (CME) trainings.

Systems of Care and Specialized Content: This content area encompasses trainings on subjects on a wide variety of major themes including Systems of Care and special populations; specialized therapeutic techniques; prevention and early intervention subjects; criminal justice and legal issues; healing trauma and violence prevention; pharmacology and specialized health issues; specific mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders; and community integration.

Training Calendar

The Training Unit manages a current Training Calendar that is provided on both our Departmental Intranet and Internet web pages. This calendar lists specific training events that are being offered directly by the Training Unit or in collaboration with other units, organizations or associations. Here is the external link to our Training Calendar.

Training Resources & Tools

The Training Unit manages a variety of training resources and tools that can be accessed for your review and use. These resources and tools are focused on a variety of training topics and themes. Please refer to the specific categories below for further information:

External Training Resources

Other Training Resources:
Evidence Based Practice and Practice Based Evidence
SAMHSA Offers New Evidenced-Based Behavioral Health Practice Tool Kits
California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare

Specific Training Tools:
Training Logistics Form

Training Materials from Past ACBHCS Training Events:

Continuing Education Information

We are pleased to be authorized to provide continuing education credit by these licensing boards for selected training events. If you have questions regarding continuing education units, please contact Paul Takayanagi, Training Officer (contact information below).

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Provider Approval Number PCE 307

The California Board of Registered Nurses, BRN Provider Number 12040

The California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), Provider Number 4C-04-0614.

The California Psychological Association, Provider Number ALA006.

The Institute for Medical Qualify/California Medical Association (IMQ/CMA); AMA PRA Category 1 for physicians.

Please refer to specific training announcements on the Training Calendar for information on continuing education credit that may be offered for a specific training event.

Contact Lori DeLay

Lori DeLay
Interim Training Officer, ACBHCS
Office: 510.567.8112