Quality Improvement Committee Requirements

Quality Improvement Committee Requirements

As a mental health plan, Alameda County Behavioral Health is required by federal regulation and state contract to maintain a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) that is required to monitor the service delivery system with the goal of improving the processes of providing care and better meeting the needs of beneficiaries.

The QIC is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Review the quality of specialty mental health and substance use disorder services provided to beneficiaries
  • Make recommendations on policy decisions
  • Review and evaluate results of QI activities
  • Plan, design, and/or implement QI activities as needed to improve quality of services
  • Ensure follow up of QI processes

QI Activities include the following:

  • Collecting & analyzing data to measure against the goals, or prioritized areas of improvement that have been identified
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and deciding which opportunities to pursue
  • Obtaining input from providers, beneficiaries, and family members in identifying barriers to delivery of clinical care and administrative services
  • Designing and implementing interventions for improving performance
  • Measuring effectiveness of interventions
  • Incorporating successful interventions into ACBH operations as appropriate

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For more information, please contact: QITeam@acgov.org